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Signage Improvement Grant Program

Signage Improvement Grant Program Summary

The Development Corporation of Richmond has established the Signage Improvement Grant Program. This program will provide financial assistance to local business owners seeking to replace or modify existing signage to meet current requirements outlined in the City of Richmond’s Unified Development Code. This program is intended to beautify the key entryways and corridors, leverage public investment to enhance the the existing community, and promote economic growth.

The Signage Improvement Grant Program will provide a grant up to 100% of the cost of the signage not to exceed a total of $7,500. Business owners receiving the grant will be required to remove the existing non-conforming signage in order to qualify for this grant funding. New signage paid for through this program must meet all requirements set out in the City of Richmond’s Unified Development Code.

Program Guidelines
  1. The grant program may provide up to 100% of the cost of new signage, removal of existing signage, and modifications of existing signage when appropriate. Grants will not exceed a total of $7,500. 

  2. Eligible expenses include:
    1. Design of signage.
    2. Installation of signage.
    3. Modifications of existing signage to meet Unified Development Code standards.
    4. Costs associated with the removal of existing non-conforming signage.
    5. Permitting costs associated with signage improvement.

  3. In-kind contributions do not count as an expenditure by the applicant. Only cash expenditures made by the applicant will be used when calculating the total cost of improvements.

  4. This grant program is available to existing business owners within the city limits and extra territorial jurisdiction area of Richmond.

  5. Applicants must submit drawings or plans detailing the specifications of the proposed signage improvement project.

  6. The improvements must be completed as represented in the application. Failure to complete all of the improvements may result in a partial or total cancellation of the grant.

  7. The applicant will be responsible for obtaining all applicable permits related to the signage improvement project. Failure to receive the appropriate permits will render the applicant ineligible to receive grant funding.

  8. Grant awards are made on a reimbursement basis. Work will be verified by DCR staff to insure compliance with the Unified Development Code’s signage requirements. Deviation from submitted plans may result in partial or total cancellation of the grant.

  9. The applicant must be a legal business entity registered with the State Comptroller’s Office. If the applicant is renting space, then the applicant must have written authorization from the property owner before submitting the grant application. If the building owner wishes to make improvements and is not the business operator, then the owner submit written authorization in conjunction with the business operator.

  10. Grant applications will not be accepted for work that has already been completed.

  11. The applicant must complete the project within 6 months of receiving written notice of approval of grant funding from the Development Corporation of Richmond. The DCR Board of Directors may provide additional time to complete the project at their discretion.

  12. Signage improvement projects funded by this grant must fully comply with the City of Richmond’s Unified Development Code and its signage requirements.

  13. The DCR Board of Directors hold final approval authority and may award or deny awards to applicants at their discretion.
City of Richmond Signage Requirements
To access the City of Richmond's signage requirements, please click here
How to Apply
The Development Corporation of Richmond is currently accepting applications for the Signage Improvement Grant Program. Please contact us to receive an application and learn more about this program. 

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