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The City of Richmond is located in Fort Bend County, Texas situated along a highly connected transportation system—including major rail lines and roadways, making it an ideal place to locate a business. Richmond has a population of almost 12,000, with over 5,500 workers who live in the city. 
Fort Bend County accounts for over 5% of the greater Houston region’s economy—roughly $26.7 billion. Fort Bend County is home to 13,000 businesses generating $40 billion in total sales annually (2017). The area is fueled by manufacturing, construction, government, retail and wholesale trade, professional and technical services, and healthcare – which combined, comprise about two-thirds of the economy. The industries in Fort Bend County employ 208,000 people.
The diverse composition of industries postures both Fort Bend County and Richmond for a strong and sustainable future of continued growth.
Richmond is the county seat of Fort Bend County. While the city has a population of about 12,000, the area encompassing the central zip code assigned to Richmond has a population of 55,400.The Demographics page illustrates population trends and additional information about the population.
City of Richmond Demographics
Target Industries in Richmond
Industry Overview
Richmond is home to more than 1,000 establishments that employ more than 25,000 people. The regional economy is projected to add more than 4,000 jobs, or 16%, in the next five years. The Richmond economy produces nearly $2.5 billion per year of value-added goods and services. Construction is the largest sector of the Richmond economy, accounting for nearly one-third of gross regional product (GRP). Oil and Gas is the next largest, at 10% of the GRP. This section of the report provides descriptions and analyses for seven important industry clusters in Richmond, including labor market gap and supply chain analyses.
Real estate, Finance, Insurance companies
Business Services
Health Care and social services
Oil and Gas Industry
Professional, scientific, and technical services

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